Problems / Prizes

3 prizes of 1000€ will be delivered for the top three winning teams. There are few criterias that will be taken into account:

  • Is it addressing one of the problem listed on this page
  • Creativity of the solution
  • Execution: How functional is the early prototype

Problem 1

Cybersecurity can be perceived as constraining and burdensome by developers teams. How can you make its training and awareness more engaging to promote security by design?


How to promote and train on Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10 in a developers team?

Problem 2:

The methods underpinning the production machine learning systems are systematically vulnerable to attacks. In the last three years, major companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Tesla, have had their ML systems tricked, evaded, or misled.

Adversaries can exploit these vulnerabilities to manipulate AI systems in order to alter their behavior to serve a malicious end goal.

How to secure AI applications?


How to track if someone accessed and modified your data? Which tools could be used by developers in order to test the robustness of their applications? How to ensure the privacy of your data?
Advances in deepfake technology have made it harder to distinguish between real and fabricated media, how to prevent social engineering (the act of manipulating individuals to perform malicious action, such as sharing confidential information) and prevent disinformation of the public opinion?

Problem 3

Hackers may make use of Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs) to dynamically identify a destination domain for command and control traffic rather than relying on a list of static IP addresses or domains. This has the advantage of making it much harder for defenders to block, track, or take over the command and control channel, as there are potentially thousands of domains that malware can check for instructions.

Which tools could you develop to fight this threat?



1000€ Technical prize

During the pitch, you offered the best demo of your product. You managed to create a compelling working prototype that is answering one of the problems.

1000€ Entrepreneurship prize

You have an entrepreneurship mindset and you demonstrated that you found a true business opportunity aligned with one of the three problems. For this prize, storytelling is key: your vision is convincing and you demonstrated the market potential of your idea.

1000€ Megatron

Just like the pool at 42, you will all get to vote for your favorite project from the Hackathon at the end of the three days. The winner will get the prize. ⚛